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The Cultural Traditions of Haiti: A Photo Essay
by Anthony Karen
February 2006

During the annual pilgrimage to Saut D?eau, a vodou practitioner partakes in the water cleansing ritual where it is believed the Virgin Mary appeared in a palm tree and began to heal the sick back in 1847. Vodou has many similarities to Christianity, due to the adaptation of their ancestors to avoid persecution by their slave owners.

Saut D'eau

Vodou Drums


At the age of 37, I began to faithfully pursue a career in what I was most passionate about ? photojournalism. After taking photos as a hobby for four years, I fulfilled my dream of traveling to Haiti for the sole purpose of documenting the Vodou pilgrimage of Plaine du Nord. Shortly after I entered my first competition, I was awarded a year rotational photography exhibit. Soon after, I was approached by several galleries and am now a member of two prominent New York galleries.

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